Privacy Policy for Junk Cars for Cash Garland

Personal Information Collected:

To request our services or inquire about our services, we need information from you to contact you back and give you the best possible answer. This information can be but not limited to your name, current address, e-mail address, phone number and/or vehicle information. We also ask for your social media ID’s while it is not necessary to give, they will help us coordinate information with you and to ensure you are satisfied with our services.

Other information that we collect include IP addresses and cookies. Collecting this data ensures that your account is working properly and we can give you technical support. This also helps us maintain our site and track user trends. This should make your browsing experience easy and hassle free.

Keeping Your Information Safe:

Junk Cars for Cash Garland will always keep your information safe and secure at all reasonable means. We run a safe and secure server to prevent leaked information and it is only accessed by authorized employees. We will not share any information unless you give us the permission to share it with associated companies that you have accepted. This gives you the option of hearing new services from both our company and theirs.

Saying No:

Upon filling out our forms, you always will have the option to tell us not to share your information. You can opt out at a later time if you do initially choose for us to share your information.

Third Party Websites:

We contain links to third party websites here on Junk Cars for Cash Garland website. Most of the time these are our associates but we are only responsible for content on our website. We do not control the information they collect or how they keep it secured.

Privacy Policy Updates:

This privacy policy can be updated or edited at any time. We here at Junk Cars for Cash Garland have the right to do so without notification to you. We may however post it on our website and social media. Be sure to check the policy over periodically.